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Crystals. Vibrant textures

Crystals. Vibrant textures is the first exhibition held at the 504 Gallery: it represents the vision of emerging, contemporary artists who reinterpret Nature and Figuration through imaginative experiences, suggested by a clear practice of composition. All the invited artists highlight curious aspects of reality, moved by a fresh, sophisticated, detailed approach. In this occasion, simplicity is a synonymous of an in-depth artistic reflection where Etching, Illustration, Photography, Printmaking and Light-Art become a distinguished medium to explore reality.

Artists: Joaquim Barreto, Createatmosphere, Eleanor Lines, Giorgia Noni, Stefania Puntaroli, Becky Clara Wallace

Grand Opening Event on Saturday,  11st January at 12 pm

The White Line Gallery at 504 Space, 504 Roman Road, London, E3 5LU

Sara Buoso curator; E-mail:


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